Creative Writer's Café


Love to write?

Would you like to get better at creative writing, in a relaxed way, at a cozy location, in a small group – making exercises and receiving feedback?

Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, young or old, …

You’re welcome to join us at the Creative Writers’ Café: informal creative writing classes and Creative Writing Walks through Leuven and surroundings!

An introduction to the most important aspects of creative writing, with theory and literary examples, but above all with inspiring writing exercises we’ll make, read, and discuss together.

Tank inspiration, work on your style, try out different genres and techniques, and most of all: make fun creative writing exercises! Together we write, we read out loud, discuss, and offer feedback.

There’s a chronology to the Creative Writer’s Café’s: you can either choose to attend every Café (the entire course), or only attend those Café’s with theme and/or dates that suit you. 

Book private classes for you and your friends or colleagues, or as a teambuilding activity for your company or club:

Would you like to attend a themed Creative Writing Workshop with your friends or colleagues? Or a mini adventure: a Writing Walk through Leuven and Surroundings? You choose the day and time! Classes and Walks are on when at least three people join, so contact me if you'd like to attend a certain workshop (or the entire course), or go on a certain walk with your group:

You can check out the themes for the different writing workshops below.


New sessions:

New members are welcome! Contact me to find a writing place and time that suits you!


Practical Information:

Bring along: notebook and pen

Price: 25€ per person, 5€ worth of drinks included!

Reduction Card: 5 classes for 115€ - valid for one year.

Bank Account: BE21736055089903 (or pay cash at the café)

Creative Writer's Café Themes:

1.How to start?

Tips and tricks on how to start writing. Exercises to determine your style. A Writing plan to help you decide what you want to write about. Intuitive exercises.

2.Finding Inspiration.

What is the importance of reading and writing? What should literature be about? Tips and tricks and lots of exercises to awaken your inspiration!

3.Narrative Point of View.

Who is your narrator? What is the impact of narrative perspective on your story. What types of narrative perspective exist? Unreliable narrators: examples and exercises.

4.Creating Credible Characters.

How to shape a character on the inside and on the outside. Naming characters, show don't tell: exercises. How to get the reader to become emotionally involved. With literary examples.

5.The Six Basic Emotions.

A closer look at the various types of emotions and how you can express them in your writings. Very little theory and a lot of exercises!


How to provide your characters with their own authentic voice. How does dialogue work in fiction, and how does it differ from real life conversations. Tips for vibrant fictitious conversations. A lot of fun and inspiring exercises.


At what point in time does your story start? Different techniques, literary examples of intriguing opening scenes and time manipulation. Speeding up and slowing down, flashbacks and flash forwards. Exercises to find out what time frame suits you best!



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